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Used Multi-Terrain Loaders for Sale in OK & TX

A true workhorse when it comes to lifting, digging and moving materials, the versatility of a multi-terrain loader from Caterpillar® cannot be overstated. With its robust undercarriage sporting a fully-suspended rubber track system, a used multi-terrain loader provides you with exceptional stability and traction across a wide assortment of terrains, conditions and surfaces that other compact loaders simply aren’t able to handle.

With all of its useful features, a pre-owned Cat® certified multi-terrain loader can be just what your fleet needs to get a variety of jobs done quickly and efficiently. It’s designed to go where other compact track loaders simply can't. Industries that make the most of these compact mainstays include general construction, landscaping, road work, snow and ice removal, agriculture and many more.

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The versatility of a used multi-terrain loader doesn’t stop when you move past its unique rubber track system. Unlike other makers of skid steers and compact loaders, Cat multi-terrain loaders have one of the widest selections of attachments you’ll find in any fleet of well-built machines. From mechanical brooms and augers to buckets and forks, the list of attachments ready to fit your multi-terrain loader can help you accomplish almost any job in less time and with greater efficiency. If you're involved in either landscaping and/or road work, don’t forget to check out the snow removal and stump grinding attachments.

Design is another big reason to consider a used multi-terrain loader from Warren CAT. Since every model of loader we sell is a combination of the strengths and improvements from earlier models, our low-hour, late-model multi-terrain loaders are packed with the improvements Caterpillar puts into each machine it designs. For everything from delivering high performance and productivity to ensuring operator comfort and worksite visibility, a Cat multi-terrain loader is built on a long legacy of successes.

Since every equipment purchase you make is an investment, it’s good to know that Cat multi-terrain loaders are packed with both security and maintenance features designed to give you a good ROI. The majority of used models we sell feature lockable engine doors to discourage theft and vandalism while still allowing easy access to all engine and hydraulic points necessary for regular maintenance.

To top it off, Cat multi-terrain loaders are designed around operator comfort and safety. The cabs feature superior climate comfort and a full range of easy-to-read displays. What’s more, most operator seats are high back and fully adjustable. You get unparalleled visibility of your machine’s operations and fantastic sightlines across the entire worksite.

CERTIFIED USED Cat Multi Terrain Loaders

Before you buy any piece of used equipment from Warren CAT, our factory trained technicians put that machine through its paces. We conduct a thorough 140-point inspection during which we check and assess every component. By the time you start up your purchase, you have an entire team of Cat personnel supporting you and your business.

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